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It can sometimes be difficult to express just how much you love your husband. He is the man of your dreams and your partner in life, so it's important to find just the right words. What do you say to the one you love? Sometimes, a short and loving husband quote from his wife is all it takes to sum up your affection. What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband?

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Janel Breitenstein. Do you want to make your husband feel great?

77 love my husband quotes

From sincere compliments to questions to help you understand your man better this list has 62 ways to do just that. We want to compassionately encourage you: Jesus gave without mutual gain, too—and that puts you in some pretty good company. Our God is the God who sees Genesis Subscribe by. Thank you for these ideas.

I have been so tired lately from the kids and I really want to make my husband feel special. Words of affirmation is one of his top love languages and I sorely lack! These are great……I like a list I can go to, to find words that I may not have.

Thank you for all the effort and time, heart and wisdom put into helping others. Examples you are and appreciated to maximum! Great list. Thanks, Janel. There were quite a few on this list that made me stop and think- Hmmmm…. Good, good stuff.

Thanks so much for sharing it, I really needed to read it today. I just turned 44 and have been chronically ill for 5 years. My husband is my primary caregiver and an amazing, Godly man. He does everything he can for me and he never complains. Still, it all has been difficult on our relationship at times.

Thanks again. Teresa, what a great perspective from what sounds like an incredibly hard reality. Praying for you and your relationship right now. I love love this. Any your words at the end really did speak to me. Thank you for reminding me of my role in this world, the person who God created and in the eyes of God, what my true worth is….

62 things to say to make your husband feel great

Praying right now for you, Holli, and that God would continue to sing your worth over you Zephaniah ! Praying you experience a particular power to love, hope, and be loved today.

Thank you for the word at the end of the list. I was married for almost 8 years to an abusive man and I did not realize just how much of my life he was trying to control -almost every area of my life down to what light I used in the bathroom… - until we separated 8 months ago and are now going through a divorce.

There are several things on this list that I did so many times. I also was learning to stand up for myself and my children and that is when things got really bad because he did not like that I was not okay with with being treated wrong and was not going to just let it happen but I was going to let him know that it was not okay and give him a chance to make things right.

I am so happy to hear that you were able to stand up for yourself and your children, Charity. It takes a strong woman to do leave someone she is so connected to.

Romantic things to say to your husband

The Lord is faithful and He has great plans for you! These are lovely words to speak to anyone in your life, including your partner. Jessica, you are quite right. I love your sight. I am a single Christian woman and waiting on the Boaz God has for me. I love the golden nuggets. Thanks for being used by God. I was fine to read through this, have a laugh, maybe cringe a little until I got to the end and read the last paragraph which encourages women who are in unhappy and possibly abusive? We can help you. Hi Eloise, thank you so much for your comment.

Thank you so much for this from the bottom of my heart. This could not have come at a better time. The last paragraph, in my reading of it, was an encouragement to speak words of kindness and love to your husband without expectation.

If we are only affirming because we are first affirmed, then how sincere are our words. Likewise, if we are only complimenting in the hopes of being complimented back, then we need to reevaluate our motives. Hi Michael! Great list! I like what you said at the end and wanted to add that often as we make an effort to compliment our husband to their faces and to others, we will find that they will also make changes in their behavior — some times intentional, sometimes not — but they will feel the effects of these words and be more likely to respond in kind.

I could not have found this at a better time. Gods promises might have a small delay but it is never changed. I almost thought It would be wrong to say but I see its one on the list. We have 2 beautiful girls and sometimes we can get so wrapped up in mommy life that we forget about daddy.

Thanks for these words of encouragement.

45 things you should and shouldn’t say to your husband

They are truly a blessing. God Bless. I am not somone who comments on blogs. But I felt inclined with this one first because of the ending statement and second because of the readers comments. Ask him about the things he loves, become actually involved in who he is and what he is about. I did like how this list tried to touch on lots of different needs: ie words of affirmation, doing something for him, gift giving, etc.

50 things to say to your husband to make him feel great

Improving a relationship is all about learing the needs of each other and working together to communicate your needs and wishes. And please women, you are in a relationship. That is a 2 way street. It takes time but after calm loving communication things can get better.

Divorce is not fun and nobody plans on it. In our relationship that is not an option, but that is because both of us are willing to try and both of us have made that comitment to eachother. We still climb hills but we climb them together now. This is because of God and Jesus Christ.

This is because after a lot of climbing in opposite directions, there was a blessing and a turning point in our lives. Ask God to give you guidance and really listen to the answers. I was originally bothered by the ending statement because it did seem as though women were encouraged to stay in unhealthy relationships where the man was cold and unwilling to help improve the relationship.

Sweet and cute love quotes for husband

I can see from the comments that this may not be the case, but felt it important to clarify even though a few very passionate readers commented above. I do believe that it is important for a woman to be a helpmeet to her husband but also that she is an equal party in the relationship.

It is okay and necessary to have balance and love in your life. I say these things often. Thanks for these!!! I love my hubby so very much that my heart overflows, but I never know what to say, so thank you!

Some of these are great, but some of these are rude and asking for trouble. As someone that is close to finishing a degree in psychology, some of these are just not what you say to your partner or ask your partner to answer. You want to make them feel good, speak from the heart. Here is one I think everyone should be careful with…what is something you would change about me?

Just be mindful that there are thing you should not ask of your partner. We all have things that bug us or can rub us the wrong way, but to ask them to point it out can be hurtful to both in the end. Many of these are great and a great way to communicate, but please be mindful, you all know your SO better than anyone else, so you know what makes him happy. I know that I leave little Words to tell your husband you love him on the mirror for my husband, so when he wakes up to get ready for PT in the am he finds it, or I write him a text message after he has gone to bed, so when he checks his phone in the am it is there for him.

These things are not always about what is being said, but about how you tell them as well.

Always neat to find out new ways to say things or make your SO feel loved, wanted, and so many other things. Best of luck to all of you and your SOs out there. Stay strong and live happy lives!