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I love this man and would be lost without him! I mean, am I supposed to jump for joy if he goes down on one knee? My whole life revolves around his twisted time frame. I feel that I am losing my mind. Well, I mean, you could just buy ask him to marry you yourself and whatever his answer is is the answer. You sound fucking miserable.

Why do you want to on for a life of washing the clothes of some dude who sounds cheap, dishonest, inconsiderate, and selfish?

Oh, honey. Even if he ever does propose to you — and I find that highly doubtful — the chances of your actually having a wedding are close to zero. Is that what you want? Get out, girl. It was a cookie cake — one of the most generic, common gifts among a certain group of people i.

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I would stop worrying about the ex and snooping on her social media s. Follow along on Facebook, and Instagram. MissDre December 7,am. LW1 been there, done that. Girl, just move on. Just MOA and find a guy who is really excited to marry you. Bree December 7,am. Ale December 7,am. Been there, done that too. Move on. It has been enough. LW, you are so young to be wasting your time. Take a look at yourself and please move on. Marcie December 8,pm. Miss Dre, I thought about you as soon as I read this letter. Hannanas December 7,am.

I hope you feel the same. Brise December 7,am. LW1: what should you do?

You end it. Surest way to have him ask you, but it is too late anyway, you seem to be over this relationship.

It would be really the world upside down if you were! Vathena December 7,am. YOU are more than good enough. The husband has described, on several occasions, the feeling of having just purchased the ring. Vathena December 7,pm. Copa December 7,am. LW1: Yikes!

Morning quickies: “i’m tired of waiting for him to propose”

Yes, move on! Enough of that! You sound bitter and resentful toward him. And why are you allowing him to dictate the timeline and falling into a depression over it as if you have no choice but to wait around? You can have a say by walking away. And P. LW2: This is really, really stupid. That is really sad. His now grown kids were really little when their Dad started running around on their Mom. I wonder how little time he had for his kids because he was too busy being a cheat.

LW3 has a LOT of nerve!

Skyblossom December 7,am. LW1 Your value has nothing to do with whether your boyfriend proposes. You are internalizing his actions as some sort of flaw on your part. Regain your dignity and regain control of your life. What you need is a job that provides enough for you to live on and a place of your own. He has probably spent seven years putting you down in subtle ways so that he could dominate you and shut you down if you ever questioned him or wanted some input into what you do.

Shut that down. Walk out the door and never look back. Think about that.

Even worse! You both suck — I can only imagine the time his wife spent taking care of those kids so you could rob them of time with their father. SpaceySteph December 7,am. This dude 27, was older than you are now, when you started dating. And you were You know why a grown man dates a teenager? Dude obviously does not want to get married. Dangling the idea of a ring in front of you like that was a cruel trick to keep you hanging on.

Getting married is not a life achievement or a checkbox or a reward you get for staying in a relationship for X lo of laundry. And its not worth being married to someone you have to beg to marry you. Cleopatra Jones December 7,am.

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MaggieB December 7,pm. Cleopatra Jones December 7,pm. MaggieB, To each her own. Bravo that it worked for you but that is not the case for every woman! Nearly all of my friends waited until either they were engaged or marriage was discussed and they were on the marriage path. So far, so good for everyone. I had a couple of friends who went with this. MissDre December 10,am. Cleopatra Jones those are my feelings as well. I would not move in with someone unless I was engaged or a specific timeline for marriage has been discussed. To me, it means committing to building a life together, and I would want to be very sure of that commitment.

Cleopatra Jones December 10,pm. It has nothing to do with sex or financial benefits. It just means that you treat your husband much differently than your boyfriend. You have different intimacies and boundaries with a husband than a boyfriend. I see so many women who move in with a Tired of waiting for a proposal, and then take on the wife role mingling finances, managing his family relationships, having kids, etc. Guy Friday December 7,am. LW2: you are overreacting.