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I am passionate about supporting people in creating spiritually-based intimacy that is deeply fulfilling. Very valuable!

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I discovered what pure receiving and surrender to being fully seen and acknowledged is all about with huge insights into energy and flow and pleasure. Caroline le with so much grounded, spiritual passion that immediately sets a tone of safety, inquisition and connection. I continue to experience the power of my own energetic passions as I integrate all that I learned in the days following our session.

I completely recommend Caroline and Jewel in the Lotus as one of the most profound emotional, spiritual and physical embodied experiences for everyone! I learned so much and I feel like I have made progress on many fronts with Tantra being just one of them. Thank you for your heart, intention and expertise.

My time with you was so informative and I was full of questions while at the same time I felt so honored and loved for who I was in every moment. It is clear that your heart le your hands and your experience with energy was captivating Tantra new mexico tangible. You were very skilled at setting a safe and sacred space for me to relax and surrender to receiving and to explore the different feelings in my heart and in my body. I hope others will treat themselves to something so tender and profound as a session with Caroline. Her ability to tune into the moment and guide the energy makes working with her a real treat.

Get in touch with her and see for yourself what a marvelous experience is in store for you. DCertified Sex Educator, www. I would recommend Caroline for anyone looking to explore Tantric Bodywork with a passionate, adept and caring practitioner who creates a safe place for growth, learning, relaxation, and healing.

She welcomed me into a space that had been lovingly set up in every way imaginable, for me to let go, to be devoted upon. Sacred music, rose petals, soft lights, blankets, and Caroline's beautiful open heart.

It takes a lot to get me to slow down and receive. I let go into Caroline's skilled hands, her beautiful generous heart, I shared the vulnerable things that came up, I opened more and more into the fears of what unconditionally receiving means to me.

Caroline sat with all me fears, all my "stories" all my emotions, and just loved me more. The actuality Tantra new mexico at the end of the session I felt MORE desire to give, so full that all I had inside of me was overflowing gifts longing to be shared.

This session has begun the experiential wisdom, that in order to ever truly unconditionally give, we must be willing and able to unconditionally receive. Thank you Carolinefor your gifts that day and always, I love you. It is so good to have time to stop from the busyness Tantra new mexico life, to savor the gift of receiving and to simply be. I feel I can completely let go which allows me to explore the exquisite field of Tantra.

Caroline is professionalkind, gentle, respectful and holds great boundaries. My sessions with Caroline have added another, special dimension in my relationship with my wife. As a man, I feel so honored by her divine femininity and am excited to continue on my journey with this powerful Dakini.

I invite you to explore the many gifts Caroline has to offer". Thanks for the exquisite session - every moment with you is filled with so much love, presence and honoring. I bow at your feet. I was profoundly moved by this session, as if both my body and soul had been waiting for this moment for eternity. Through her words, her touch and her presence, I was able to enjoy a blissful and healing experience.

I was impressed with Caroline's expert insights and by her ability to tune into me - a perfect harmony of sexual and spiritual energies. I am deeply grateful for this nourishing and regenerating sensory journey.

Actor, Tantra new mexico, Canada. My husband and I are just so much closer and I absolutely love it.

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I love the things that I've learned from you about pleasuring my husband and myself. I also love seeing that my husband is so eager to learn to please me. You have helped us individually and our marriage beyond belief. Thank you just doesn't seem like Tantra new mexico big enough word to express our gratitude. I am so much more empowered now after having been so honored by you and you giving me an amazing breathe tool to sustain myself, realizing that it is not all about the release. Thank you SOO for our time together and honored to be honored.

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The soft, beautiful ambiance, her energizing touch on my skin, the attentiveness to what I wanted, and much more left me feeling wonderfully refreshed and grateful for this sensual treat. Thank you, Caroline, for being an awesome Dakini! She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to be present and dial into my energy and meet me where I'm at. She has this energy about her that invites me to open and relax into whatever is meant to transpire. I allow myself to be vulnerable knowing that she's 'got this' and I can safely Tantra new mexico around my edges and release that which no longer serves me.

She provided a beautiful Tantra session for me that is unforgettable.

Caroline brought forth her complete and total presence, truly honoring me as a man, from the Sacred bath, to her marvelous touch during the massage. Using her incredible intuition she helped me release some upset that I had been holding on to, and then filled me with love, compassion and pleasure. I left feeling like I was on cloud 9.

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Thank You Caroline! I need to book another session. With exquisite attention to detail, she creates and holds a very safe and loving, sacred space to explore the emotions coming Tantra new mexico in a session, rich with pleasure, that brings a deeper sense of intimacy and connection with self.

Caroline is a skilled Dakini who knows the techniques to heighten your pleasure while supporting you every step of the way on your emotional journey with an incredible amount of love. I'm most often the doer I give to others a lot! So the gift of letting go, being present, and running energy while knowing I was loved and accepted was Tantra new mexico very special treat.

Thank you, Caroline, for a beautiful experience! She showed up for the session grounded and ready to meet my needs. Her touch illustrates both her skill and confidence. Caroline has taken a deep dive into the Tantra world and carries its wisdom in her everyday life.

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Drawing on years of personal development, eastern spirituality and relationship coaching her Tantra sessions help individuals of all genders to explore their full potential as physical, sexual and spiritual beings. By bringing such a warm and open heart to our session, I was able to see how I stop myself from experience Tantra new mexico delight and pleasure of sensual experience. I thought that my limitations were "out there. In my case, my need to " care take " women to feel safe was actually doing the opposite.

You were so in tuned with me, that you notice the micro second that I went into my head and left my body. I was amazed how often I had thoughts about taking care of others and in the process, lost the joy of the moment. This session has started me on a new path. She read my energy so beautifully and was able to give me exactly what needed. I was Tantra new mexico to completely surrender in her skillful hands and caring heart.

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I left feeling so nourished and refreshed when I left and completely ready to take on the world. Full Body Bliss Session Testimonials "I wanted to share what a profound and transformational gift I have received through my session with Caroline! Actor, Montreal, Canada "Thank you so much for your guidance yesterday we had an amazing session and a wonderful evening.