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September 14, Humilation sex storiesRape Sex Stories 4. Hi this is Diotima, I am a housewife of 40 having a boy Rohan who is of 16 years and studying in class 10 and my husband Akash is an engineer and presently 46years old is a GM in a MNC.

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My brother and his friends were having a party upstairs and It was late at night.

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The music was super loud and so I decided to put headphones on and go to bed. After falling into a deep sleep I could feel someone touching me.

So the next morning after my mother was made their cumdump, I went to one to one of the neighbourhood boy and learned the part from him. He said … Continue reading Mother gangbanged forcefully by local garbage picking men Stories about forced sex 2. It was very quiet on the streets of the small English town, nearly everybody was following the advice of the authority and only leaving theirs homes when they had no other option but to do so, an illness had been sweeping the country but luck was on the side of the residents of the small … Continue reading Staying In.

Julie was 35, married with two .

And had been working for the same company since she She medium built, big breasts and redhead. She was a secretary.

But life was going to change for her as the company had new owners. A father and son team.

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The father was a ruthless guy, expected … Continue reading Bosses toy. The small country town had always been a quiet place, the town was well kept and often won prizes in the gardening competitions, the crime rate in the town was the lowest in the whole of the country, all the residents of the town were always ready to help each other, there was no police … Continue reading Quiet Town Part One.

Upon a hill, visible from all the city, there was a huge stone building with dark walls and barred windows.

It was feared by every woman in the town, because very often, different woman from the city was kidnapped in the streets and disappeared in the building. Hello all this is my first story here.

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Am Alok from Kolkata currently in Assam for my higher studies. This happened just a year back.

At Kolkata we live in Sealdah Rajabajar area. My father lived at Birbhum for his factory overview and visited us only Saturdays and Sundays. So me being at Guahati my … Continue reading Mother gangbanged forcefully by local garbage picking men.

The weather had been boiling hot for the last three days, after only three days many people were feeling very uncomfortable, even the evenings were hot, people were staying indoors but if they had to go out then they were doing their very best to stay in the shadows of buildings and trees, to try … Continue reading Hot And Wet. Sharon was a violent sixteen year old out of Stories about forced sex bully, she lived with her mum in the middle of London on a run down council estate, she did not have many friends and spent most of her time in her room, her mum was a nurse and like most people on the estate was … Continue reading Bully Beaten Part One.

There had been a large demonstration held by a well known racist organisation, the police had been out in large s keeping things under control, Many of the residents of the small coastal town where the demonstration had been held were Bengali they had boarded up there homes and businesses and stayed off the streets … Continue reading Double Take. 1 … 21 Next .