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Nowhere did you get emotions like, "Wow, this is wonderful! These are a deep, dark hole of bad emotions that drive you into feeling worse about yourself, and doing things very wrong with a girl from the point of being attractive. From what I've seen, the vast, vast majority of women who are chased by men are single women I haveback seen many married women with a man chasing back after them, but I have seen many single women with relationship in hot pursuit.

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All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. My male friend would have woman suggest getting together at a certain place, but as the day grew closer I guess it's a thing now to cancel a date by making the scheduled date So it's a back and forth, "I was there?

Where were YOU!? Anyhow, in the past Sometimes they would continue to dangle that carrot and call me up and him and it would seem they want a phone buddy, instead of a face-to-face deal. Novel concept!!

A woman wants to know how truly interested you ARE in her. If you give up that quickly, chances are she thinks you aren't really interested in her or rather just more interested in getting in her pants. So they sometimes even stop trying after a single phone call. Edited on March 4, at UTC by the author. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters.

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Zombie Send a private message. Persistance pays off, but you need to be pursuing the right goal and goal is a relationship with a woman who genuinely likes and wants to spend time with you. The goal is not to convince an individual specific woman that you're worthy of her.

Needing to be persistent with a specific woman is bad form. If she's really and truly interested and emotionally ready to date, she'll make it easy for you. If she isn't interested, or flaky or is trying to make you jump through hoops, she can be replaced and that's where persistence pays off.

1. the more you do, the more you increase your chance of success

You keep looking and testing the waters until you meet someone good for and with you. The problem a lot of guys experience is that they think dating is an inclusive process about convincing women that she should date him. In reality, dating is an exclusive process about dumping people who aren't compatible with you as quickly as you can.

It doesn't become inclusive until you're in a committed relationship. If a chicks doing this she's leading you on or she doesn't trust you.

Trusting is hard these days. Just ask her directly why she's doing what she's doing.

2. your motivation stays high

If she won't give you a straight answer move along. Also don't use vague terminology like hanging out etc as this puts you very close to the edge of being friend zoned. I'm no expert but having flaked a few times, looking back I didn't trust the guy.

It can go either way. When "some" guys are persistent with women, they succeed.

So it will all depend on the situation. For me personally, I don't believe in persistence I believe in fate because if it is meant to be, it will be. Some people, can't see the wood from the trees. We are responsible for the choices we make and no one else.

5 reasons persistence pays off when trying to find a compatible woman

I wanted to add also, there are some women that will discuss the restaurants in the area they'd LIKE to go to, even talk about their favorite foods with you over the phone Kingslayer Send a private message. In all of the situations, it isn't about the man being persistent. It's about the entitled broad intentionally being a pain in the ass just because she feels like it.

It's a glaring red flag. I'd launch stat.

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