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I am so fed up with my husband of 16 years, our marriage is at rock bottom. He has been habitually messy, unreliable, irresponsible and unhelpful and I am unsure if there is a future for us. He does work full time and has held the job for 15 years. He takes an interest in our three children and I would say he is a good Dad. His mood swings and withdrawal symptoms have ruined ALL holidays and family outings. Over the years he has chosen to abuse porn, and rebuff all my attempts to make love.

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Or is it just something that stoners tout as yet another benefit of their great green goddess? The short answer is that cannabis can make good sex even better. It makes music sound better, food taste more delicious, and Thanksgiving a way more interesting experienceso why would this sensually-driven experience be different?

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Louis University conducted two separate surveys of and adult women and found that in both studies women reported their experiences with cannabis and sex as enhancing to both their Married wife looking sex Weed and the quality of their pleasure. So which strains are the best to smoke before getting down?

If you want the energy and the pleasure enhancement, go for a hybrid. You may even find that you and your partner would be better off smoking entirely different strains depending on your role that night in the bedroom. The only thing you really need to worry about is someone getting too high β€” which can increase sedation, paranoia, and, frankly, make you too lazy to want to have sex.

Perfect for those looking to get creative in bed, Green Crack will fill you with a buzz of energy and euphoria, which is perfect for long sessions in the sheets stretch throughout your day. A great strain for a morning wake and bake and sex in the shower. With tropical flavors of citrus and mango, we recommend packing your Green Crack in the bong, just make sure you refresh that water so Married wife looking sex Weed not to kill the mood.

There is nothing less sexy than bong breath. Hit up Weedmaps to find Green Crack at a dispensary near you. Its beautiful purple buds, grape and berry flavors, and inviting scent help to get you out of your head and put your in a sensory mood without getting you way too high. To pick up Grandaddy Purple, hit up Weedmaps to find the strain at a dispensary near you. We're looking forward to the time when we can all hang out freely and spend time with our loved ones again!

Take care and stay safe!

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A fairly new strain in the weed scene, Wedding Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that will relax you out and enhance your senses, with a rush of euphoria accompanying the first hit. Plus come on, with a name like Wedding Cake how can you go wrong? This strain was deed for long honeymoon nights but if that all feels a little too domestic for you, feel free to call it by its alternate name: Pink Cookies.

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Hit up Weedmaps to find Wedding Cake at a dispensary near you. A post shared by queen terpene queen.

Keeping things on the high THC spectrum, Do-si-dos is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with a floral peppermint scent that will instantly melt your body into a buzz of euphoric sensory pleasure. To find Do-Si-Dos at a dispensary near you, search the strain on Weedmaps. Hit up Weedmaps to find GSC at a dispensary near you. Strain: Sativa THC: If anxiety is seriously wrecking your bedroom game, Sour Diesel is the strain for you as its one of the few on this list to have a ificant level of CBD content which will help to melt away your anxiety.

Our recommendation? If you can make it that far. Hit up Weedmaps to find Sour Diesel at a dispensary near you. Easily the weakest strain on this list, smoking Trainwreck, despite its rough-sex suggesting name, is a relatively chill strain.

Experienced smokers can easily blow through two bowls of this stuff before being taken over by its giggle-inducing qualities making this an ideal strain for pot-head partners who Married wife looking sex Weed want a slight head change before getting busy or first time users looking to experiment with sex on cannabis.

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Hit up Weedmaps to find Trackwreck at a dispensary near you. Amnesia Haze is known for producing uplighting feelings of euphoria and a boost of energy and confidence conducive to creativity in the bedroom.

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We highly recommend this strain for couples who like to role-play, as Amnesia Haze will fill your head with new ideas and a desire to experiment and get a little weird, will all the ideas be good ideas? Do I know how to pose? So, this was taken a couple of months ago. Come on, you know whoever named this Indica strain knew exactly what they were doing. Just be careful, this Indica dominant strain has the power to relax you straight to bed. Check Weedmaps to find Pink Panties at a dispensary near you.

Some good nugs of Northern Light's no.

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Once the high of Northern Lights kicks in β€” which should be at about five to six hits for those with a high tolerance β€” your body will start buzzing with euphoric feelings, making this a great weed for lovers of extended foreplay sessions.

Check Weedmaps to find Northern Lights at a dispensary near you. Which brings us to….

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Green Crack. View this post on Instagram.

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Granddaddy Purple. Sour Diesel.

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Amnesia Haze. Northern Lights. July 20, by: Rachel Brodsky Twitter. July 20, by: Zac Gelfand Twitter. July 20, by: Caitlin White Facebook Twitter.

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