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When you begin the journey into homeschooling, you soon realize that internet research will only answer so many of your questions.

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We homeschool. In fact, I have learned that most have strong opinions regarding the wisdom of this decision. However, with swimming, piano, dance and improv class, nature meet-ups, group science experiments, field trips, retirement home visitsand crafting collaborations, social opportunities are prolific and rich.

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And this is just our kindergarten year! For those looking to connect with homeschooling, Homeschool Hookup is a Facebook group where families can not only learn about weekly meet-ups, homeschool-friendly classes, curriculum swaps and more. After teaching in the classroom for six years, I wholeheartedly understand the incomparable advantages of public education. As our children grow, it is quite possible that these benefits will outweigh those of homeschooling.

However, I also know the school years can quickly become packed with activities. For now, homeschooling is what makes it possible for us to make time for music, dance, theater, art and community involvement while maintaining a peaceful pace with family at the core.

Homeschooling requires instead, a dedicated commitment to flexibility, intentionality and authentic growth alongside the student.

Another homeschooling mom said recently:. BUT I can teach them to love learning and thereby setting them on a path to find out the answer to anything they need to know! Along these lines is the misconception that parents are ill-equipped to educate their children.

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While homeschooling as a foundation is about real-life learning, parents have abundant options to guide teaching. From whole curriculum kits packed with everything families may need for the grade level, including all of the fancy hands-on tools teachers rely on to online correspondence programs, resources are truly endless. Overwhelming: Parenthood is stressful.

Add to that our busy home, the flood of input from well-intentioned friends, family and the good old internet and the given hopes and dreams for my children to be well-prepared and well-equipped for anything and everything scholastic and calling ourselves homeschoolers can quickly become one more source of disabling comparison and worry. There are days where we begin school before breakfast and others where we are starting after dinner.

Shifting the mindset of school hours and off hours to a general priority and pursuit of knowledge allows us to be homeschooling at all times. Going forward, I believe the key to avoiding burnout and maximizing success will be staying true to how homeschooling naturally fits in our lifestyle. Liberating: Children are, by nature, curious and intuitive.

Homeschooling is the privilege of thoughtfully ing them, hand-in-hand in the pursuit of knowledge. One mom phrased it well with this reflection:. Rewarding: As an individual who highly values productivity, slowing down to intentionally and sincerely guide and invest in my children is a challenge.

Homeschooling has inspired me to seek practices for authentic learning and opened my eyes to the rich, addicting rewards of knowledge. Although as time passes our family very well may choose different directions with our commitments and academic endeavors, I will always hold these homeschooling years as some of the most precious, ing another mom in her affections:.

Homeschooling has taught me to slow down and notice the unique things in my kids that makes them individuals and appreciate the wonderful people that they are turning into.

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