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StarDrifter Xper 5. Does a girl giving you her mean anything? As far as I know, she doesn't just give people her cellbut she did me when I asked if it was ok if I had it?

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She finally gave up those digits to you. You know she gave you access to communicate with her, but what do you do now? What does it mean? She Wants You To Go Away : This will usually be the reasoning for her giving you her digits if you have been bothering her a lot. Have you been repeatedly asking for her ? Did she seem annoyed when she gave it to you? If so, she may have just given it to you so that you would stop asking.

Often times Girl gives you her number will give out a fake phone line because they want to appease you, but also never want to talk to you again. Most likely if this is why she has given out her to you, she will make you aware of it before hand. Shoot me a text later! How are you supposed to know this is why she is giving you her information? You just have to wait and see.

She gave out her information first because it must be a delicate deal and she wants you to initiate the conversation for it. You might guess this is the reason if you two have ly been talking about something secretly or have a dilemma to resolve. Exciting, right?

We think so, too. You will know this is the reasoning if she seems adamant about making plans with you for the future. She may be giving you those s because you two have work to do together for school or for your job. This is not uncommon between co-workers and school peers. They often have to keep in touch for this reason. We know that you must be pretty jacked up to hear she wants to continue speaking with you digitally. Even though you are excited, our best advice to you is to take it slow. Do not text her immediately.

What does it mean if a girl gives you her ?

That is definitely a bad idea. The last thing that you want to do is appear desperate to her. How long should you wait before contacting her?

The rule of thumb for texting a girl: 24 whopping hours. Yep, we know it seems like a long time, but texting her immediately might scare her off. Even if the two of you are simply friends.

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Be polite with your message. She might be busy doing something else.

Give her up to 24 hours to respond to you. This ensures she has time to see it and get done with whatever she was doing ly before responding to you. If your crush gave you the option to ave her or not have herthen she is interested in giving you her. It would have been reasonable for you to get her at that time.

If you did not, then she may be aware that your feelings for her need to continue to grow. If you have herthen speak with her about your thoughts and feelings. Have a great day, Kevan!

What does it mean when a girl gives me her ?

And I always get the same waitress. When I played for my meal and was about to walk out, she approached me and thanked me for the tip. Then asks if she can get a hug.

Then hand me a card with her and says to call her sometime. Lol, what do i do. She as shared her thoughts and feelings with you. She has invited you to contact her. Determine what you want for your future. Decide if you believe that this relationship is viable. Speak with her about your thoughts and feelings.

Give her a chance to share herself with you. Spend time with her in person, as this will strengthen your relationship. Have a great day, Rayvin! I have been in the same school with this girl for two years, and now she left but we still make connect with her via facebook.

I thought about ask for her and when i did, she gave me her right away. Luckily, i find this site before respond to her immetiately.

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You are in a safe place here. Please share any questions that you may have.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Gay! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

If a girl gives you her , does that mean she likes you?

What if my crush gave me options of not getting her or getting her ? Please comment! Please name here. You have entered an incorrect address!

What about when a girl gives you her without you asking?

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