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Posted April 8, Reviewed by Ekua Hagan. Many studies say it probably did — or at least it made you want to resist my admonition e. That's because the strong statement that told you to stop using it was itself a form of reverse psychology sorry! And yes, it's the very same sneaky little tactic social psychologists taught us decades ago and the one that has been memorialized in tons of sitcoms and cartoons.

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Jul 19 Jul 20 May 07 May 06 Jun 28 Mar 10 Feb 28 Jul 15 Jul 05 The mind is an infinitely complex mystery, with countless theories on how to master, control and influence the cognitive faculties that are intrinsic to every human. Reverse psychology is one of the more widely recognised techniques, used by both professional psychologists and everyday people alike.

For example, a common form of reverse psychology is to ban an action or behaviour with the intention of inspiring the subject to do just that. Another is suggesting a person is incapable in a bid to help them harness their capabilities. As a result, reverse psychology is generally more effective when used on people who have a high need for control.

Rebellious teenagers, Type A personalities, narcissists and psychopaths are ideal candidates. Jeanette Raymondan LA based psychologist. The mind can be influenced by a multitude of factors.

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Request information. But what exactly is reverse psychology, and what makes it so powerful?

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