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In Polandthe official system for representing dates and times follows the international ISO standard. However, in less official use, other conventions prevail, such as the day-month-year order and several Polish language abbreviations. In Polandthe first system for denoting abbreviated dates used Roman Date in polish for months e. The current year can be replaced by the abbreviation " br. The Roman notation still prevails in private communication, except for date stamps where Arabic numerals are used as in "Berlin, 9. The month name is written where enough space is provided for the date; the month is in genitive case because of the meaning e.

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Find out everything you need to know about date and time in the Polish language. The details of the date in the Polish language can often cause many problems, mostly due to extensive declension.

First of all, both s months need to be declined. Thus knowing just the ordinals and month names is not enough. What day is today?

The rule applies only when indication of the month is present. While using solely ordinals for the day and month in the nominative, the year Date in polish usually is in the genitive form. The above information can of course be, just like in the English language, completed with the day of the week. The day is then always in the nominative form and the ordinal that determines the month is in the genitive sometimes in the nominativefor example:.

Polish cases

The indication of the month follows the same rule, with the difference that the indication of the month require the locative. That means that all months will receive the -u ending.

It is difficult in this situations to express a general rule, as the emphasis is put on the specific usage. When were you born? Thousands and hundreds remain in the same nominative form, namely in the form of cardinal s, not ordinals. In the Polish language, as well as in German, one can use the official and unofficial time.

Usage of official time is almost the same as in English and German, with the difference that the hour and minutes with the ordinal are expressed with the cardinal s. First come the full hour, then minutes.

Days of the week in polish

The examples above show clearly that the official time specified in the Polish language is fairly straightforward and similar to the German and English. Usage of unofficial private time includes s from 0 to 12 and is also a mix of cardinal and ordinal s, which are also declined here in the genitive case. The rule above applies only when an indication of the month is present.

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