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Love is a difficult concept to describe, even for adults. So how would my preschooler and two school-aged kids define it? By Rachel Cameron February 4, Maybe even before that.

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Have you ever wondered how our children define love? What does it mean to them exactly?

Love lessons from kid 'experts'

Is it words, actions, a hug, a lollipop? Following my curiosity, I decided to just go ahead and ask my children.

My six-year-old daughter was immediately enthusiastic about the question. Her eyes got all dreamy and her voice took on this airy quality as she responded really this has to be a genetically programmed thing. I affectionately prodded him to tell me a bit more.

Love like for your parents or your sibling or other people in your family. Our kiddos are quite young and we still exercise a tremendous amount of control over their lives.

The eight-year-old

Plus, my children have been incredibly fortunate to grow up in a circle of people from family, to teachers and friends and even neighbors who have for the most part been excellent role models in the department. But, I know that as time passes, their current descriptions of love will inevitably change as they experience the complexities of relationships that come with age and the beginnings of romantic love.

My husband and I have been married for almost twelve years and together for almost twenty. I can say without a doubt that these relationships are what give my life meaning, but they have required a considerable amount of hard-work, compromise, and forgiveness. Sometimes love is protecting yourself and setting boundaries.

How kids define love

There is still time for us to ease our children into the broader intricacies of love, but I know inevitably their first heartbreaks are just around the corner. My hope for them can only be that when they are Children define love through the pain, they continue to define love far more by the good it brings into their lives and see it as something always worth fighting for. Ask your kids how they define love and come back and share.

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