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Although they hate to admit it, guys are just like us. They get insecure, doubt themselves, and even question how their partner's feel about them. Of course, most men won't just come out and say, 'hey baby, I'm feeling really down on myself and could use some reassurance," but that doesn't mean they don't ever think that. That's why it's important to pump up your man's ego from time to time, to make him feel like the greatest man on the planet, and to make all of his doubts go away. You probably know all the old fashioned tricks to making your boyfriend feel great about himself, but Boost his ego it's time to switch things up.

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While many people know how to tell if a Boost his ego likes you, what do you do when you think he's not being honest? In other words, is he using you for an ego boost or is he genuinely interested in you? There are a few s he might be more interested in what you can do for him than actually in getting to know you. If you're looking to find lasting love, you need to make sure you're familiar with these als you're being used, so you can spot a self-absorbed man before he wastes your time.

This guy consistently sends the sweetest texts greeting you in the morning and wishing you sweet dreams at night.

Doing this makes him feel like a desirable and popular ladies man with all the women on his daily texting list. Otherwise, this man is just going to waste your time.

So how do they manage? Men like this find women who have a warm heart and lots of compassion who are willing listen to his troubles and soothe his mind. He lifts himself up as you listen attentively and allow him to dump his drama on you.

The women who get involved feel like they are having a real relationship, even if they never go on dates or meet face-to-face. So while you might satisfy an emotional need this way, you aren't experiencing a true, loving relationship.

You connect with a guy online who sends the most engaging texts. Then suddenly, you hear nothing. Days later he messages again Communicating is lo of fun, but he remains inconsistent. Too bad no actual dates materialize.

#2: “oh honey, could you fix this thing for me?”

Once you text a few times but it goes nowhere, stop responding. A man who is looking for a relationship wants to see you in person to learn more about you. This time you do go out, and you have the most amazing first date.

He texted a bit before and after meeting you. You know he enjoyed the date as much as you did.

#5: sex, sex, and more sexiness – show him you want him

Then a text shows up again and he asks you on another date, which is just as great as the first one. What's going on? This is the kind of man who dates around. He had a good time with you, but then he moves on to the other women. Dating multiple women feeds Boost his ego ego and allows him to feel popular and in demand.

Trouble is, seeing this guy occasionally leaves you wanting more. You end up hanging on wondering what is going on. This is the of an emotionally immature man who is more concerned with his ego and seeing how many beautiful women he can date at the same time.

He gets together with you because he feels great in your presence. If you find yourself in an on-again-off-again relationshipthe best thing you can do is end it. His erratic behavior will not Boost his ego heal or improve. Let go of this guy. Be strong and free yourself up to look for a man who is ready for the loving relationship you want. It's one thing to take a little time before introducing someone you're serious about to your friends.

Ideally, the friends of the guy you're seeing should know about you at the very least. If a guy likes you, he probably hasn't been able to shut up about you to his friends.

If he invites Boost his ego to tag along, that's a he's interested in taking the relationship further. If he keeps bailing on you during the weekends to hit up his friends, it could be because he's using you for an ego boost. Not taking an interest in your life is one of the clear warning s that a guy is using you for attention and doesn't care about getting to know the real you. Don't feed his ego.

10 s he’s using you as an ego boost

Call him out on not asking you about your life or run in the other direction to someone who can show you some human decency. Seriously, if you were being treated with respect, you wouldn't be sitting at home, twidling your thumbs, wondering, "is he talking to me for an ego boost?

If you Boost his ego like he is. Not all guys are obsessed with their ex post-breakup. But if he just broke up with his long-term partner, you could be a rebound. Want to know how to stop being an ego boost in this context?

Give him some time to process the end of his relationship on his own. Ronnie Ann Ryan is a love and dating coach for women.

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