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The low season for Bangkok hotels runs during the rainy season, from May through October. With a quiet location close to Khaosan Road and Grand Palace, this canal-side boutique hotel offers great value and service. The Aldephi Suites provides great value in the Sukhumvit shopping and expat area, including a welcoming swimming pool.

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Best hotel deals in Thailand.

Amazing experiences in Thailand. I believe that water, fruit smoothies, and beer are the top 3 drinks in Thailand for tourists. Thailand has many local beer brands to offer, but also well known international beers can be found.

So, how much does a beer cost in Thailand? In all Thai supermarkets or convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, the beer price always is about THB 45, but in bars and restaurants, the beer price may vary from 50 to Baht.

It seems like among tourists Chang beer is a more popular choice than Singha. You just notice people drinking Chang more often. It is also more likely that bars and restaurants in Thailand will have Chang available more often rather than Singha.

Singha beer in a bar or a restaurant will cost you about Baht USD 3. Singha I find to be the least upsetting.

Bangkok prices

You can drink it steadily all night if you like to pace yourself and still be fit to operate in the morning. It is sold both in cans and bottles.

From experience, Chang gives me and several people I know hangovers or at least worse hangovers. Pretty much all beers tasted the same except one- Chang. Fuller flavor more like a Bavarian lager as opposed to the others that seemed to be mimicking an American lager style.

Bangkok prices

It is a good idea to ask locals for the best beers in Thailand because some of the brands are hidden from touristy places and you have to search for them. It is called Apoteka.

You might not know that locals in Thailand drink beer with the ice. It might sound wrong, but actually, it works fine.

How much does a beer cost in thailand?

The beer stays cold for longer and because of extra hydration it prevents the hangover. Ice in Thailand is factory made by the same companies which make bottled water, and delivered in big bags. For Thai people, it is not acceptable to drink in public.

Few exceptions could be some festivals or celebrations. In Thailand, proper behavior in public places is important. To respect Thai people, it is better not to drink any alcoholic drinks in public.

I guess in such places like Khao San Road in Bangkok and Patong Beach in Phuket it would be okay to walk down the street with an opened bottle of beer because locals avoid these places and it would be less possible to offend anyone. Note that drinking in Thailand is not allowed in temples and public parks.

In places where it is forbidden to drink alcohol, there will be s. Most popular alcoholic drinks in Thailand are Whiskey and Beer.

How much does a beer cost in thailand? and the best beers in thailand

Most famous whiskey brands in Thailand are Mekhong and Sangsom. Best domestic travel ticket deals. Share 0 0 0. Comments 0. Comment Name Website. Leave this field empty.

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