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Online dating as the standard way to meet someone isn't even news anymore.

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What i've learned about men from countless hours of tinder

Then this situation may sound familiar: sitting together with a friend, you swipe through the endless profiles on Tinder. Released inTinder has revolutionized the definition of romance in the 21 st century.

As an online dating app, it allows users to literally swipe through the profiles of potential mates. However, a recent study led by Dr. Mitchell Hobbs from the University of Sydney says otherwise. The study examined the online dating behaviour of over individuals who were mostly under the age of As it turns out, dating apps can actually enhance our love lives. Believe it or not, Tinder might be able to ignite the spark for a long lasting relationship.

Are new dating apps killing monogamy? or has it always been

At 84 percentTinder was the most used application amongst the participants. Perhaps its fast and free registration appeals to many users. Simply download the app on a mobile phone and up using a Facebook profile. On your profile, add and remove up to six photos and feel free to type in a short bio. After setting up a profile, the fun begins. Using location-based technology, Tinder presents other local profiles. Swiping to the left anonymously ifies that you are not interested in the shown profile.

Swiping to the right does the exact opposite. From then on, you can privately chat with each other.

Let’s talk about dating apps and whether or not they’re impacting monogamous dating

Contrary to popular belief, Tinder and other dating apps can be effective for finding long term relationships. Before conducting the study, Dr. Hopps seemed skeptical that lasting romance is still as prominent in modern society.

However, the final from the study contradicted his initial belief. Even after resorting to online dating apps, nearly three quarters of the participants were equally as motivated to enter into a monogamous relationship.

Contrary to popular belief, it seems that romance is still alive and well in the 21 st century. Many of these dating apps allow users to conveniently meet and contact a vast amount of people right from their mobile devices. Forget about awkward first dates.

Which dating app is right for you? use this guide to figure it out.

Dating apps allow users to get to know someone before meeting them in person. Technology allows us to save time and feel in control of our dating lives, according to the study.

Likewise, with more people seeking love online, the social stigma around online dating is disintegrating. It is no longer unusual to hear about friends and couples who met via the internet.

Tinder itself reportedly has 1. Remembering this is important as dating apps provide merely the potential to facilitate real-life sexual and romantic encounters.