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Ok, hopefully now I can write this review. I remember how afraid and worried I was the first time I made an appointment with her because I have never done something like this before, Angel escorts montreal I felt that I was a bit young still. But she is kind, caring, very understandable and just great at doing her job. She is also really good at giving advice, and just…fun to talk with. If you want to be dominated by her, go right ahead cause she will do exactly what you ask and you can even let her do whatever she wants to you if you want.

After all this reminding about Angel, I decided to have my first session in a while, and I decided to meet someone I always enjoy and trust… the lovely Angel. As planned, she Angel escorts montreal dominated me, with lots of taunting and verbal humiliation. Angel is always a pleasure to meet, and always goes beyond expectations. She is also getting better at chokes and scissors holds, and for the boxing, well, she always enjoys beating my face in or least she fakes enjoying it really well, lol.

So hot. BJ in the car. BJ while driving. BJ outdoors late on an off-night in a field. Truly amazing. Hi there, I am usually on merc under the alias Doriannot merb. Anyway, I met Angel today, for the second time. She is the same amazing value. The session was perfect.

She did everything I asked her, in my personification of a certain girl in my life, and Domination, I spare you the details. The session was awesome. I loved it, and it made me go beyond a new frontier for me. She is a perfect role-player.

She is super friendly. Awesome chat by the end.

Great body and face. Excellent attitude, which is the biggest quality to me. I never meet better, in my humble experience. Ps: no FS but she is so nice it really does not matter.

And Angel escorts montreal I like the fact escorts will generally include total nudity and full service, the beatdown itself is not always very good. Just as I remember, she was quick with replies to my e-mails and texts, and we made plans for a beatdown session. We met at a hotel, and she is as lovely as I remember. Great body, stunning face, friendly and to the point.

As soon as she had the boxing gloves on and not much else :-the session started, and with no hesitation, she started punching the shit out of me. After the boxing, and I was pretty rattled from the hundreds of punches, she did some scissoring, facesitting and smothering.

Just like I asked, she would push me to the limit, and most of these holds were positioned with me staring up at her incredible body. And again, she does this all Angel escorts montreal calling me every name in the humiliation book.

She is great, and I love the fact that she will do exactly what you ask, and from start to finish, will do the session and role-play just how you want it.

Truly, a real professional. First of all, she is sooo nice! I was anxious and she made me relax only by talking with me for like 20 minutes! Then we went on the bed and she was 1.

She is perfect, nothing to say. She was super hot and nice indeed.

No-sex could be a turn-off but the session with her was amazing. She is super beautiful, and fit. She has the perfect dominating attitude. I loved the session. Just waiting for next one. But i was just shy and fearful of my bad experiences, to have met her before. But her face and body are super nice. Her pictures do not do her justice. I was pretty Angel escorts montreal of it. Usually it is the contrary. But My, was she pretty and fit. Her attitude is great. She is open, friendly, does listen to requests creation of the session. She is not a clock-watcher. She comes equipped and clean.

I really had an awesome time with her. The Angel escorts montreal session was wow. One the best of my life despite not a huge escort experience. Just be aware she does not do Full service. Which is a shame as I would do her. But I did not regret it though.

So last night was the christmas party, Angel showed up with Angel escorts montreal friend of hers Angel as well, Wow these 2 beautiful angels put on a show that the guys are still talking about. I love to see this girl.

Not for everyone but if you have a fantasie and want to get some domination. Have fun with this beautiful lady. I have plans with her soon. Angel has never disappointed, she has visited me for role playing on many occasions.

Just recently she came to see me and we had a interesting time while i was still working, Angel escorts montreal not for everyone but for those who can control and fantasize. Thanks Angel for those unforgettable nights, and we started building a stage for you as promised. Angel a livrer la marchandise! I met Angel recently for a boxing beatdown, and did I ever get a beatdown!

She was easy to make plans with, great communication, and when it came to session-time, she gave me exactly what I wanted — and more. Great experience! I had some luck doing a beatdown with a body-rub girl a few months ago, so I decided to try another…. The e-mail communication was very good, and she agreed to everything I asked, which was a boxing beatdown session, Angel escorts montreal some smothering and facesitting as well. I told her I like the punching pretty hardcore, and she said no problem but they all say that, lol.

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So we met, she has a great body, with a nice figure, fit, big fake boobs, and stunning face and smile she actually looks better in person than Angel escorts montreal her web site. We re-discussed what we were going to do, and she had no problems getting undressed for this either did I ;-I handed her the boxing gloves and off we went. She pushed me down, sat on my chest, and just started unloading on my face.